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Nag Champa Reed Diffuser

Nag Champa Reed Diffuser

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This beautiful hand-poured Reed Diffuser features a signature scent created just for Wildlight! 


Featuring our fav Nag Champa oil and a special blend subtle notes of wood and musk, this scent is not overpowering, but will allow you to envelop yourself in a sacred aroma without all the smoke.


Each reed diffuser comes with a 4 oz. glass bottle of fragrance oil & six reeds. Perfect for your powder room, office, bedroom or living room. These diffusers are made with high-quailty pure essential oils, unlike many store diffusers which are diluted with alcohol, these will permeate the air, filling your home with a continuous subtle fragrance for months to come.


PLEASE NOTE: We recommend flipping the sticks over once every 2-3 weeks. Do not allow fragrance oil to spill on finished furniture as it will damage the surface. 

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