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A professional community organizer, spiritual seeker, and enthusiastic adventurer, I found transformation in the simplicity, intentionality, and adaptability of a consistent yoga practice and inspiration in years of solo international travel. Committed to living a freedom journey to inspire ongoing liberation of self and community, I opened Wildlight Yoga in 2018 in the Portage Park neighborhood of Chicago where I served as the Executive Director of Six Corners' community & economic development organization for six years. In 2021, I welcomed the opportunity to relocate Wildlight to the third floor of the Portage Arts Lofts at 4041 N. Milwaukee Ave and expanded into a 5,000 sq. ft. healing arts center.

I believe in the transformative pathway of yoga because I've lived it: using my two decades of practice to navigate all-consuming grief after the unexpected deaths of my brother in 2011 and my step-father in 2016, heal 10+ years of auto-immune symptoms, and maneuver through a sudden career change, divorce, and pandemic. Through through the practice, lifestyle, and journey of yoga, I've
 found full embodiment, total empowerment, and the courage to be myself. I know you can too.

Terence McKenna wrote, "This is how the magic is done. By hurling yourself into the abyss and discovering it's a feather bed."

So I took a full-faith leap backed by the confidence of inner knowing and founded
Wildlight as a community that calls upon the spiritual teachers, healers, wellness practitioners, curious students, rebel-hearted, daydreamers, seekers and finders, and free spirits to live big and audaciously. I believe in yoga, believe in myself, and believe in you.

Your courage is stunning. Your vibrance is welcomed. Your most authentic self is waiting to meet you.

The doors are open and we will lead the way!

Kelli Wefenstette​, Founder & Director

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