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Discuss your health/lifestyle concerns and explore the benefits of incorporating Ayurvedic recommendations to help restore balance in the mind, body and spirit. The role of an Ayurvedic Health Counselor is to help you examine your current diet and lifestyle and guide you to make choices that contribute to overall health and doshic balance. You will work with your practitioner to find an accessible approach to fit your lifestyle. Ayurveda is the sister science of Yoga, and offers a holistic approach to healing and can be utilized as a supplement to western medicine regimens. Let's work together to build a path toward overall Svastha (wellness).

Our work together begins with an Ayurvedic Assessment, where we will evaluate your current lifestyle (food, sleep, relationship, work and self care habits) and explore your health and wellbeing challenges. This initial intake consultation gathers your health history, identifies imbalances, and offers insight into the current state of mind. Each client will receive a follow-up email with a written plan outlining initial food and lifestyle suggestions in order to gradually restore health, clarity, and peace into your daily routine.

Together we’ll discuss how your current lifestyle relates to your vision for wellbeing, and determine what we can do to bring them into alignment. Working one-on-one introduces you to Ayurvedic principles and offers unique insight into your elemental constitution. Consultations are designed to create personal equilibrium, reduce stress, and increase overall longevity.


Checking in with your practitioner is an essential component for achieving long-lasting success, staying accountable to your progress, and necessary for fine tuning lifestyle practices and updating recommendations as needed. These follow up sessions are also great for increasing your understanding of the energetics of your life and strengthening your knowledge base of Ayurvedic practices.

Change takes time. After your initial assessment, Ayurveda check-in sessions restore balance and continue to guide you toward sustained wellness as you navigate the seasons, the various stages of life, and any challenges that may come your way. We will co-create and refine a wellness plan that is in alignment with nature and your own individual blueprint, but most importantly-feels good, so that you can be your happiest, healthiest self! One hour sessions are typically recommended for the first several sessions.

Sessions depend on the individual and can include recommendations for the following:

- Learning strategies for stress resilience and overcoming burnout

- Gaining strategies for better sleep

- Discovering effective methods for calming anxiety, fear and overwhelm

- Gaining holistic strategies for balancing hormones

- Becoming successful with daily movement and exercise goals

- Alleviating inflammation through diet and lifestyle

- Improve immunity through better nourishment, stress management, and sleep

- Improving energy and balancing weight with healthier eating habits

- Upgrading self-care and daily habits for wellness

- Discovering authentic ways to connect to your spiritual self

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