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Tristan took up yoga seeking both a recovery day from arduous weight lifting and a social gathering place of similarly sensitive souls wanting to build a like-minded and kind-hearted community. The physical aspects of flexibility, core strength building, and weight maintenance were the initial tangible draws to yoga while the psychological, mental, spiritual peaceful easy feelings were the aspects that kept him engaged and committed to the practice.


Tristan specializes in creating innovative yoga classes that pull from different teachers and styles from his past. He incorporates strong ashtanga vinyasa origins into his current approachable flow. Inquisitive gentle alignment couple with meditative soothing practices. He'll keep to the historic origins of yoga with Sanskrit posture naming and their origins peppered throughout class.

Tristan earned his yoga training from Moksha Yoga Center in 2011-2012 here in Chicago. He assisted with Gabriel Halpern at his Yoga Circle studio in alignment based yoga therapeutics as well as 1-on-1 work there with Misericordia Home and Sertoma Centre visitors. Yoga anatomy coursework with Tias Little illustrated to Tristan the physical layers of being to work within asana practices. Tristan loves a broad approach to multiple yoga styles: Vinyasa flow with its near rhythmic cadences of woven postures, like creating a quilted yoga sequence; Gentle alignment yoga classes creating space and peace with a bevy of props assisting the journey when needed. Generally Tristan keys in on alignment in flow classes and easy, fluid motions in typically static gentle classes.

Tristan’s favorite pose/practice is his continuing building of his salamba sirsasana, supported headstand. He is fascinated with building from the floor up, head to toe . . . it gives him a new perspective each time!

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