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Wildlight is a spiritual community comprised of free-spirited soul-seekers who are committed to holding this space sacred and tending to our practice space as our own. As you engage in your own physical, energetic, emotional, and spiritual healing and experience deep growth, you will have the full support of this intentional community. We show up for Wildlight and show up for each other.

Are you willing to live an extraordinary life with courage and compassion?


Our vision & manifestation for a sacred healing arts center is realized by those who believe in consciously building a community that aligns with our higher purpose. As such, our Sustaining Members are those who believe in the world we are co-creating and support these endeavors by paying the full, listed price of membership.

Membership fees pay the wages of our staff members who are all hired as employees and receive paid sick leave and retirement benefits.

Sustaining Rates are configured from our real-time operational costs and fall well below market-standard. By choosing a Sustaining Rate, you are partnering with Wildlight to ensure our health and longevity well into the future.

Sustaining Memberships are $150/mo or $1500/yr.


Wildlight offers equitable, choose-what-you-pay pricing for membership in alignment with our commitment to inclusion & accessibility inviting anyone who aligns with our beliefs to honor a commitment to co-creating and sustaining this space and the community it nurtures and holds. 

Therefore, we invite you to consider your financial situation and privilege to consciously choose a rate that you feel confident and proud of contributing toward your investment in your wellness journey at Wildlight. There are no scholarship applications or income verifications required. This is not a gym membership. It's a commitment to yourself and this community.

Any member may change to a Sustaining Rate at any time.

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  • Unlimited in-studio & Zoom yoga classes 

  • Free classes for your friends & family

  • 10% discount on retail, workshops, trainings, healing sessions

  • Discounts on travel & adventures

  • Discounts on studio & office rentals

  • Free coworking during weekdays

  • Complimentary mat & prop use

  • Complimentary locker storage (as available)

  • Access to Members' Only Facebook & Wix groups

  • Gifts & Recognition for milestone celebrations

  • Auto-renews annually or monthly

“I love Wildlight! The staff, environment and commitment are what make it unique. It's not just a yoga studio it's my sanctuary and I'm so greatful for this place.”
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