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Tai Chi In Your Life by Dale Napier

Tai Chi In Your Life by Dale Napier

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In Tai Chi in Your Life: 8 Principles that Can Change Your Life while Learning and Growing with Tai Chi, author and martial arts expert Dale Napier employs his forty plus years of experience to help fellow enthusiasts learn important lessons based on the subtle art of Tai Chi Chuan. He divides its chapters between eight basic principles of Tai Chi-Relaxation, Intention, Awareness, Continuity, Focus, Linking to Your Center, Accepting, and Detaching the Ego. In this way the author, a Tai Chi sifu, describes the sage philosophy of Tai Chi Chuan in ordinary terms, and offers its values in ways that readers can apply to their everyday lives. Powerful in its scope and certainty, this treatise provides physical and meditational exercises to cultivate each of the eight principles, sharpening one's mental outlook and promoting spiritual growth. More than anything, this fascinating guide is an excellent start to a better life, one that is centered on tranquility, control, and balance.

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