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Handcrafted Yoga Mat Bags

Handcrafted Yoga Mat Bags

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Take your yoga Adventures ANYWHERE with a Yoga Mat bag by BeMo Designs!


Perfect for Jeff Park, the Beach, Vacation, OR bringing everything you need to/from the Wildlight Yoga studio. Each mat bag is designed to comfortably carry your mat and roomy enough for all the other essentials.


Each bag is totally unique, featuring a variety of prints and colors guarenteed to add some pop to anything you pair them with. Including a touch of crochet and leather details, you can't beat the quality, and most definitely feel the love that is infused with every stich. 


BeMo Designs are creations are brought to you by our very own Becky Mocarski :)  Be sure to pick up one of these bags soon, because they will be featured in our shop for a limited time only!



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