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Creosote Cleansing Herb Bundles

Creosote Cleansing Herb Bundles

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The creosote bush, known as Larrea tridentata, is gathered from Arizona for various purposes and is a wonderful alternative to sage for energy cleansing.   It has a very unique scent, fresh and earthy with a hint of spring rain. These bundles, when burned, release smoke that can cleanse people or areas of negative energies.  Carefully disperse the smoke into the corners of the room, or around your intended surface, using a feather or gently moving the smudge stick around.  State aloud or internally your intentions for clearing and release.


When burning the bundle, please exercise caution: Burn it over a metal or fireproof container to catch any stray embers. Always light a small section to start, extinguish the flame, and let it smolder. Keep bundles away from pets, hair, and any other flammable surfaces.


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