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108 Asanas: Handcrafted Yoga Flash Cards

108 Asanas: Handcrafted Yoga Flash Cards

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108 Asanas is an exquisite and comprehensive deck of yoga flashcards for your study and your practice. A truly unique union of yoga and art for the yoga enthusiast in your world.

108 cards = 108 yoga poses

The cards are made of:

~ Hand-drawn illustrations of the pose and variations in stunning detail and anatomical precision
~ A clear articulation of the most vital alignment cues in each pose
~ The name of the pose in both Sanskrit and English
~ Phonetic pronunciation of the Sanskrit
~ The categories each pose belongs to
~ Inspirational quotes to open the heart and help in theme creation for class
~ Handmade with Love.

Printed on high quality, aqueous-coated card stock to withstand the work and sweat that lives on your mat. The cards come in a sturdy brown recycled cardboard box, stamped in gold and black ink.

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