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Olga (she/her) first discovered Yoga as an elective in college where the philosophy resonated with her as much as the physical practice. She was inspired by the tools, which offered a spiritual path to walk toward a connection to something on the inside, that was a reflection of the higher power we are so often trained to look for outside of ourselves.

This inspiration and devotion has been a companion that has carried her through all of life's ups and downs. After navigating burnout and health challenges, Olga decided to enroll in Shakti Ayurveda School in 2018, as a way of taking radical responsibility for her well-being and lifestyle.

Olga is a 600-hour certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor, Intuitive Energy Healer, and Yoga Teacher-in-Training here at Wildlight. She is inspired by the inclusive, loving energy of nature and is excited by community, collaboration and creativity.

Her methodology integrates nearly 15 years of personal exploration in Yoga, as well as committed study & training in Ayurveda, psychology, sociology, wellness coaching, and behavioral science. Her lens is shaped by studies in mindfulness, trauma-healing, somatics, energy work, Buddhism, Tantra, Tarot, courage & vulnerability, critical race theory and body liberation. Olga is a second generation daughter of Greek immigrants, a survivor of developmental childhood trauma, and her own healing journey has been her greatest teacher.

Olga embodies an approach to life and leadership that’s intuitive, strengths-based, and compassionate. She is motivated by serving the greater good, creating positive impact, and learning from the spaces and the communities she works with. Olga believes that Care (for the self & for others) is our greatest currency.

Experience has taught her that it's not until after we show up for ourselves with love and care that we can keep our cup full enough to participate and serve in a sustainable way. Olga believes that by investing in holistic education, creating safe ‘enough’ spaces for self-inquiry, and making wellness more accessible, a world where every Body thrives can become possible.

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