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Merril Miller(she/her) began her yoga journey with her parents, when it seemed like a good idea to bring her with to the class they were taking, rather than leave the young girl home. But it wasn't until she'd begun teaching other fitness classes as an adult ranging from Slide and Step to weightlifting, that she began her journey to become certified as a yoga instructor in 2001. With the encouragement of several fellow instructors, and a lot of appreciative students, she's continued on, and has now completed her 500 hour certification. In recent years she expanded her knowledge by studying the Yin style with Master teacher and author Bernie Clark. This experience changed her vocabulary in all formats, due to the research on different bodies, and adapting yoga to  the individual that was part of Mr. Clarks' research for his teaching and books.

Her classes draw from a wealth of different training classes during those years, to create a calm rejuvenating experience for her attendees, with a touch of humor.

Outside the studio, Merril is a computer programmer by day, and farmers market manager in Jefferson Park. When there’s a bit of free time, she is also active in a medieval recreationist group and has even taught classes with them, because yes, yoga was practiced during the middle ages. And if you look close, you are likely to see some adornment of cat hair on her. In fact, during early Covid Zoom classes, many got to know one of her cats as the breathing coach due to impromptu meows as she walked thru the practice space.

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