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Lauren Oberlin (they/she) dipped their toe in the yoga practice as a teenager, somewhat reluctantly tagging along with their mom, and it slowly grew on them. Over the years, yoga became a source of relief from anxiety, depression, and stress, as well as a place to explore physical fitness as someone who never felt “athletic/sporty” growing up. Once Lauren began teaching, yoga also became an outlet for creativity, the practice being a reflection of and a medicine for every aspect of life.

Lauren specializes in creative and playful sequencing. Whether you join them for a powerful vinyasa flow or gentle class, there is a common through-line of meditative intentionality, of imagination paired with practicality.

Lauren earned their BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2019 and enrolled in yoga teacher training a few months later. They graduated from their 200-hr program in 2020, followed by meditation teacher training, and a Sekoia certification in 2021, all in their hometown of Columbus, Ohio. Lauren is also a tarot reader, which informs and connects their arts and yoga practices together.

Lauren’s classes range from energetic vinyasa flow to gentle. Students can expect class to follow a theme, often tarot- or astrology-inspired, that informs intention, postures, and final meditation. One of Lauren’s favorite reminders: “there’s a reason it’s called the yoga practice, not the yoga performance” so come prepared to play and unafraid to be imperfect! They love a good heart opener, arm balance, and any opportunity to get a little weird and silly.

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