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mar, 09 jul



9D Breathwork for Letting Go and Moving On

This is a Powerful Breathwork 9D Journey which includes a circular breath, binaural beats, hypnotic therapy, & more.

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9D Breathwork for Letting Go and Moving On
9D Breathwork for Letting Go and Moving On

Horario y ubicación

09 jul 2024, 18:00 – 20:00

Chicago, 4041 N Milwaukee Ave #301, Chicago, IL 60641, USA

Acerca del evento

Join me for an amazing Breathwork Journey for Letting Go and Moving on

This session is a powerful way to Let go of limiting beliefs,and fear based thinking . If you have an eye mask please brink it with you. Extra will be provided

A lso please DO NOT eat two hours before the session.

The 9D Journey for Letting Go and Moving On: Unlock Your Untapped Potential and Overcome Your Deepest Anxieties 🌌🔐

Who is it for? 🤔

This offering is 🎯 specially crafted for souls grappling with the art of letting go - be it past events , lingering resentment 😡, or self-judgment 🥀. It's a sanctuary for those hungry for deeper meaning , providing a chance to reunite with your genuine self.

Dive into a 9D Breathwork voyage , crafted to aid in releasing. Immerse yourself, break free from past shackles ⛓️, and shed burdens that weigh you down. Through forgiveness , self-love ❤️, acceptance and resilience , experience a personal metamorphosis 🦋.

Let go of past hurts 💔,

find emotional equilibrium , and regain balance ⏳.

This journey is a gateway to continuous growth and healing, pushing you to evolve into your authentic self. Celebrate deep freedom , filling your life with purpose and potential 🌌.

Common Outcomes 🌟:

  • Liberation from the past: Feel ultimate freedom 🕊️ as you break past chains ⛓️ and let go of what's been holding you.
  • Release of discomfort: Shed physical and mental burdens 🎒, feeling lighter 🎈 and at ease.
  • Nurturing of forgiveness, self-love, and acceptance: Grow 🌱 a kind relationship with yourself and others, with forgiveness 🤝 and acceptance at the core.
  • Resilience and emotional balance: Build inner might 💪, tackling life's ups and downs with emotional stability 🌊.
  • Tranquility and balance: Find inner peace 🧘‍♀️ and harmony ⚖️, rejuvenating your life and bonds 💞.


This isn't your typical breathing exercise; it's a deeply immersive and intense breathwork journey. Expect to confront discomfort, face overwhelming emotions, and even physically shake. Your conscious mind might resist, but your subconscious will lead. Whatever emerges is meant to.


You're both the guide and the healer in this journey. No prior experience? No worries. I'll be by your side, ensuring you have a transformative experience.


YOU WILL BE Lying down in a serene space.

This 9D Breathwork Journey for Letting Go is potent.

I'll guide you to breathe in a circular pattern through the mouth, coupled with visualization techniques. Harmonious music will accompany the session, with verbal guidance sprinkled in.


If you:

Avoid emotional and physical discomfort

Aren't receptive to fresh perspectives or doubt change

Hesitate to unwind completely

Refrain from deep self-connection


The entire session spans around 90 minutes, structured as:

Introduction (10-15 mins)

Breathwork (1:18 mins)

Integration/Q&A (15 mins)

Binaural beats will guide our shared voyage. HEADPHONES WILL BE PROVIDED. Lean on me for encouragement and guidance. Breathwork can be transformative, but it demands commitment. Benefits? Mental peace, reduced stress, heightened self-love, clarity, and potential breakthroughs.


Fast for at least two hours pre-session.

If available, wear an eye mask.

Dedicate an hour post-journey for reflection

Bring blanket and small pillow so you will comfortable.

Any questions? Reach out at


🔴 BE AWARE: Breathwork might not suit you if you have cardiovascular issues, abnormal blood pressure, aneurysm history, epilepsy, heavy medication, severe psychiatric symptoms, osteoporosis, recent surgeries, glaucoma, active addictions, pregnancy, or untreated mental illnesses.

🔴 If uncertain about a condition not mentioned, consult a physician before starting breathwork. If you have any of the conditions listed, seek a doctor's advice.

🔴 By proceeding, you confirm understanding and acceptance of the potential risks.

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