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Having recently moved from Germany, Zoraida (she/her) is still relatively new to the Windy City, but not new to change and challenge. Yoga was a part of her life long before she started to move around the globe, it kept and continues to keep her rooted, connected, and balanced – mentally, physically, and spiritually. She experienced the power of Yoga firsthand and wishes to transmit this positive energy in her classes, to family, friends, fellow yoginis, and people with whom she gets to cross paths. And since the free flow of energy throughout our bodies is a prerequisite, Zoraida also trusts in the practice of Reiki to unblock and balance her energy.
Zoraida obtained her 200-hour yoga Teacher training certificate at Yoga Plus in Germany in 2021, her certification in Therapeutic Yoga (Yin, Restorative & Nidra) in 2023, and continues now on her path to complete her 300-hour yoga Teacher
Training at Wild Abundant Life. 
She continues to seek out opportunities to be mentored, teach, and return to communities (on demand also in German and Spanish) and ensures she explores the magic of her beautiful home country of Mexico at least once a year on a dedicated yoga retreat.
Her classes mindfully balance rhythmic and smooth movements, transitioning between Vinyasa, Yin, Gentle, and Restorative, always in tune with pranayama.

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