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THIS AGREEMENT is made this ____ day of ________ 2019, between Wildlight Yoga, LLC (Owner), and ___________________________ (hereinafter designated as “User”). WHEREAS, Owner owns the property commonly known as Wildlight Yoga located at 4140 N. Milwaukee Ave, in the city of Chicago, County of Cook, State of Illinois; and WHEREAS, User is certified and licensed to do business in the City of Chicago and the State of Illinois for the activities offered; WHEREAS, both Owner and User desire to enter into a contract that allows the User to use the space and its amenities for fitness, exercise, or other related activities: USER REQUIREMENTS: Submit workshop agreement with proposed date, time, title, description, admission cost including any needed supplies or accommodations and budget, if applicable, and User's bio. Adequately prepare content for workshop appropriate to workshop description. Provide promotional materials as requested by Owner. Promote workshop event on social media accounts managed by User (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, mailing lists) and invite contacts; engage with Owner's promotion of event on social media by liking/commenting/sharing. User is expected to solicit their own attendees for this workshop and should not rely on nor maintain any expectation that Wildlight Yoga students shall attend. Distribute promotional materials as applicable and agreed upon with Wildlight Yoga, LLC. Arrive at least 30 minutes before workshop to set up space and connect with students. Deduct rate of $15/hour for Wildlight Yoga staff to perform admin duties or reserve one workshop space free of charge for Wildlight Yoga staff in exchange for performing admin duties. Verify that every student has signed a waiver prior to practice. Conduct workshop skillfully, with intention, authenticity, and openness. Adhere to guidelines established in Wildlight Yoga Teachers’ Agreement, especially regarding student safety, studio cleanliness and safety. Notify Owner immediately of any damage. Cost to repair the damage will be the responsibility of the User whose activities caused the damage. Damage does not include normal wear and tear or general maintenance. Adjust heat/cooling for comfort, return to preset levels after usage. Remain for at least 15 minutes after workshop for questions. Confirm accurate attendance reflected on TULA and/or Eventbrite. Receive compensation equivalent to 60% of student fees paid for workshop as an I-9 Independent Contractor during regularly scheduled payroll after expenses have been deducted including 10% discount for members. OWNER REQUIREMENTS Carry building insurance. Provide a sound system with aux cord. Provide access to a tablet with internet service for scheduling updates and internet radio. Provide mats, blocks, blankets, bolsters, straps, and eye pillows for up to 30 students (excluding restorative-type workshops). Advertise event on Wildlight Yoga’s website and social media accounts. Provide a clean studio space including trash removal and paper products. Lead all in-studio promotion of workshop event and pre-pay costs associated with the event. Reserve studio space for the duration of the event. Manage workshop registration, waiver signing, and billing via TULA and/or Eventbrite either with a staff compensated by User or a workshop trade as agreed upon by User. No other instructors or users are permitted without prior approval of owner. Distribute compensation from workshop revenue after expenses have been paid: 60% to USER; 40% to OWNER. Provide Workshop report to User as applicable. CANCELLATION AND RESCHEDULE POLICY: Workshop can be cancelled no sooner and no later than 24 hours if less than 2 students are registered. Promotional materials will include cancellation disclaimer where feasible including No Refunds or Credits policy. In the unlikely event that User is not able to perform services, Owner may reschedule for another date with User with the same terms above or retain 100% of proceeds and arrange a substitute instructor with a new agreement and split percentage may be increased or decreased. By signing below, we acknowledge we understand and accept the above terms:



4140 North Milwaukee Avenue
Chicago, IL, 60641
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