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Yoga Towelettes, 1 pc

Yoga Towelettes, 1 pc

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All natural yoga towelettes, 1 pc

Made in USA

Lavender: use as a calming transitioning aid from hectic daily life (especially if you rushed to get to class in time) • During meditation, place an unfolded towelette over your face and breathe deeply to enhance and deepen relaxation • Before and afternoon class use a towelette to clean hands, feet, and mat


Eucalyptus: use towelettes to clean hands, mats, wipe counters, phones, keyboards • Use after a workshop to freshen up • Great for travel • Clean up after using public transportation • Tuck in a car AC vent to clean air and provide a boost to the driver • Clean and freshen up feet and flip flops • Place in a hot shower or bath to enjoy aromatic vapors -• Perfect for camping, hiking, and fishing