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Life Disrupted Book

Life Disrupted Book

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Stop signs are a pause in the journey. Some are unique. Some are not. We all have them. It’s the unexpected when hope seems absent.


Life Disrupted: Finding Your Way Forward When the World is Upside Down is a non-fiction book written in the shadows of the Covid-19 pandemic by a Gen-X working mom. Author Tracy E. Baldwin shares her journey through one of the most overwhelming and mentally taxing times in the past 50 years.


In this book, discover:
- The importance of listening to your body, and how to
improve your mind-body connection
- Why we are not meant to be the Lone Ranger, and how to
build your own support team
- How to create your own toolkit to get back up when life
knocks you down, and live your best life


Tracy Baldwin’s book offers support for those suffering from burnout, anxiety, and/or depression. Life Disrupted: Finding Your Way Forward When the World is Upside Down shares how she and other high-achieving, brave women recalibrated their definition of success to move past life’s stop signs, rise again renewed, let go of fear and shame, and continue the journey more resilient, present, authentic, hopeful, and content.


About the Author

Long-time Portage Park resident Tracy Baldwin is a student of Wildlight Yoga studio and took part in the studio’s Soul Study Intensive led by Kelli Wefenstette in 2021. Tracy interviewed Kelli for her book and featured insights in the “Body-Mind Connection” section.

An author, entrepreneur, and award-winning marketer, Tracy has worked at top international PR agencies for the world’s best-known consumer brands. Her debut book shares how she, and others, moved forward after a “stop sign” in life. A recovering perfectionist, she shares her road map from burnout, breakdown, and darkness to authenticity, resilience, and light. She aims to promote honest conversations about mental health in the workplace and beyond, and challenge mainstream thinking about success. She wants others to know that it’s okay, and even preferable, to be perfectly imperfect.

She is married to John, and they live in Chicago with their three children, and dog Lulu.

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