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Everyday Meditation

Everyday Meditation

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We all know that meditation helps to lower stress and can even prevent disease. It has no negative side effects and no cost, and requires only a few minutes a day. So why is it so challenging to begin and sustain? Tobin Blake offers innovative ways to start meditating and to invigorate an existing practice. He begins with the basics — how to sit, how long to practice, and how to use various techniques, such as zazen, mantra, and visualization — and then covers topics such as dealing with thoughts, restlessness, and overcoming the deeper obstacles to meditation. Written with our modern challenges in mind, including electronic distractions, stress, and the constant sense of overwhelm, Everyday Meditation will help you:

  • make your mind an ally
  • undo restlessness and anxiety
  • build spiritual relationships
  • heal your body
  • overcome depression and anxiety
  • find balance, meaning, and life purpose
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