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2024 Moon Calendar

2024 Moon Calendar

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Do you want to maximize your intentions and manifestations by living in sync with the lunar cycle? This watercolor moon phase calendar is made just for you.

It features a wheel of the year, with the dates for the four main moon phases within each month: New moon, first quarter, full moon and last quarter.

It also features astrological/zodiac signs for each month, as well as reminders for how to use each moon phases' energy to its fullest potential.

You'll love the joyful energy this calendar brings to your sacred space, and others will love it as a very meaningful and unique gift as well.


🌙 Framed hanging canvas (12")

🌙 Unframed premium heavyweight print (12")


🌙 Watercolor graphic designed and copyrighted by local artist India Blue Jewels

🌙 Professionally printed on heavyweight canvas (option 1) or heavyweight cardstock (option 2)

🌙 Option 1: Wood frame on the top and bottom with secure metal hook and chain hardware for hanging (12" canvases have one center chain)

🌙 NOTE: moon phase dates are for the Northern hemisphere and based on Central Standard Time, USA

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