We offer a diverse schedule of high quality yoga classes for all experiences and abilities in the Hatha tradition which includes pranayama (breath work), asana (physical practice), and meditation.

Our classes combine meditation, exercises for self-awareness, breathing techniques, and physical postures to aid each of you in your individualized journeys. Teachers serve as facilitators for group practice and encourage each of you to honor the subtleties and capabilities of your own bodies in your practices. Classes are suitable for all levels unless otherwise noted.


Ashtanga: practiced by performing a rigorous, routine sequence of postures in the same, specified order

Chair: a gentle class in which students practice while using a chair for support in order to deepen flexibility and strengthen personal body awareness

Gentle: suitable for beginners or anyone with injuries, limited mobility, or needing a slow, guided practice

Hatha: a slower-paced, prop-friendly practice focused on alignment, muscle engagement, strength-building

Kundalini: aimed to awaken life force this class combines sets of postures, breath, and sound called kriyas

Prenatal: aimed to help you and this new life connect in a safe, sacred space of comfort and intimacy

Restorative: invites passive healing and release through complete comfort, surrender, and relaxation

Vinyasa: a dynamic flow linking constant movement through postures using guided breath for transition

Yin: a slow practice that invites stillness to passively work the bones, ligaments, joints, and fascial network

Yoga for Beginners: a gentle class utilizing aimed to introduce students to deep breathing, simple stretching, and tension release while providing verbal descriptions, demonstrations, and adjustments of postures.