• Hometown: Cuba, Illinois

  • Neighborhood: North Park Village

  • YTT-200: Global Yoga and Wellness

  • Favorite yoga pose: Trikonasana (triangle pose)

  • Most epic travel adventure: exploring the human sacrificial sites of the ATM cave in Belize, jumping into a waterfall in Costa Rica, or backpacking through the Carpathian Mountains in northwestern Romania

  • Best microadventure: hiking the Shawnee Wine Trail in southern Illinois

  • Top item on my bucket list: live in a vintage Airstream for a year roadtripping across the USA

  • In Chicago, you’ll find me: jogging through the North Park Nature Center, cozied up in locally-owned coffee shops, teaching urban chicken keeping workshops, in a constant search for kombucha on tap

  • When I’m not at Wildlight, you’ll find me: mentoring 175 small and aspiring business owners and planning events + promotions for Portage Park