• Hometown: Washington, DC

  • Neighborhood: Portage Park

  • YTT-200: You Do Yoga - Taoist Yoga

  • Favorite yoga pose: Bananasana + Hanumanasana

  • Most epic travel adventure: through the birth ; and the cross country trip from Ohio to St. Louis to Denver to a 9,000 foot mountaintop in New Mexico for a solo silent yoga and meditation retreat on Summer Solstice.

  • Best microadventure: hiking in Red River Gorge in Kentucky

  • Top item on my bucket list: sailing big bodies of water using the stars as navigation 

  • In Chicago, you’ll find me: anywhere with good books + quiet

  • When I’m not at Wildlight, you’ll find me: at Chicago Theological Seminary in Hyde Park, reading, writing, and educating religious leaders about liberating and decolonizing theology, feminist and queer theory, the social formation of a self, and the role of spiritual and religious practices to heal trauma and do justice with and as underrepresented and marginalized communities.