• Hometown: Santiago, Chile

  • Neighborhood: Albany Park

  • YTT-200: Bloom Yoga Studio

  • Favorite yoga pose: Tadasana

  • Most epic travel adventure: traveling to Skopje, Macedonia and Vranje, Serbia to meet my Serbian boyfriend (now husband) and his family for the first time and hiking 9 miles into the Valdivian temperate rain forests near Ayacara, Chile with 3,000 year old trees, leeches then kayaking next to adolescent sea lions. 

  • Best microadventure: family adventure days with either a hike, trip to the lake, or visit to a children's museum

  • Top item on my bucket list: keep good stuff in my head+be kind when I can't

  • In Chicago, you’ll find me: teaching yoga, reading and writing in a coffee shop, or talking long walks through the neighborhoods

  • When I’m not at Wildlight, you’ll find me: in multiple northwest city parks hanging out with my family