• Hometown: Stillman Valley, IL

  • Neighborhood: Portage Park

  • YTT-200: Temple of Kriya Yoga, E-RYT with over 1500 teaching hours 

  • Favorite yoga pose: Viparita Karani (legs up the wall) 

  • Most epic travel adventure: climbing Croagh Patrick in Ireland with my family in 2017 and traveling to East Africa as a teenager

  • Best microadventure: King Spa

  • Top item on my bucket list: Hawaii, Sweden, and Iceland with my kids

  • In Chicago, you’ll find me: at Wrigley Field cheering on #44. Eating Indian food on Devon. Boating or paddle boarding on Lake Michigan. Watching my kids play sports while I nervously eat Twizzlers.

  • When I’m not at Wildlight, you’ll find me: teaching yoga in the Loop, riding my bike on the lakefront, resentfully running marathons, spending time with my family while exploring our amazing city or escaping to one of my two favorite islands: Mackinac and Isla Mujures.