• Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

  • Neighborhood: Portage Park

  • YTT-200: Moksha Yoga and currently pursuing a YTT-500 through Tejas Yoga focusing on Ayurvedic studies. I’m also certified in Aqua Kriya Yoga.

  • Favorite yoga pose: Dhanurasana (Bow) + Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon)

  • Most epic travel adventure: When I was 20, I traveled solo to remote islands of the Bahamas where I lived on a boat studying marine biology and the ecology of the islands. Also, ask me about an adventure I once had in Barbados. 

  • Best microadventure: Scuba diving a mine in Missouri, and exploring Lake Michigan on my paddle board.

  • Top item on my bucket list: Australia, New Zealand, and Hawaii

  • In Chicago, you’ll find me: Practicing yoga for sure! Cruising the neighborhoods, beaches, and forest preserves on my bicycle, reading, shopping at health food stores and preparing delicious vegetarian meals at home.

  • When I’m not at Wildlight, you’ll find me: Always with animals! I’m a veterinary nurse too!