Living big takes guts.

I daydreamed of Wildlight Yoga for years before I opened its doors last September.

I envisioned a gathering place for a community of free spirits: twinkling eyes, compassionate and kind, scared AF, exceptionally brave. Joke tellers, risk-takers, belly laughers. Inspirational humans. Compassionate souls. Adventure seekers. Authentic to the core.

I've always been a little bit rebel-hearted.

I think the status quo sucks. My favorite question is 'why?' My mantra is 'Hell yes." I get an idea and I run with it. I'll make a list of 10 things and accomplish 12.

I wanted a place where my abundant energy could be nurtured, where the freedom lifestyle I found through my yoga journey could grow. Where myself and others like me could practice in a safe, welcoming, inclusive sanctuary, experience awakening, and adventure out into the world at large (or even just within our neighborhoods) with confidence and energy, with courageous, bold, and abundant inner spirits.

Wildlight Yoga is for the wild at heart, the wanderlusters, the modern day hippies.

It’s place for the seekers and the finders, not the faint of heart. Living big takes guts. It demands fearlessness. It asks for a bit of audacity.

Are you willing to abandon that comfort zone? Join us. You’re ready.

We will help you be brave 💜

Kelli Wefenstette