Partner Yoga on Sweetest Day

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Partner classes can be a fun playful way of re-experiencing yoga for the first time if it is with a partner who doesn’t practice while you do, or if both partners do, but you don’t normally practice together. It can also be a great way of experiencing something new if you are both beginners. 

We had some of each at our Sweetest Day Partner workshop on October 20th at Wildlight Yoga.

Two long time practitioners joined in and initially the joked that they didn’t want to touch each other, but soon got into the spirit of the day and utilized their modification experience to work together. They were able to find ways to use each other's body weight to create a deeper forward fold for the one and a supported back bend for the other.

For the others, this was just the start of their Sweetest Day plans. As beginners, EVERYTHING was new. The shared practice helped the experience be less daunting as they had their partner exploring the newness with them. And to lean on, literally for a couple of parts. At one point one fellow ask his partner if he was "doing it right." I smiled as I heard her say, "Do you feel comfortable and relaxed? Then yes," as they were in a restorative pose by then. 

Later when the couples were arranged in restorative twists, each managed to find the others hand to hold on the adjoining side. Seeing those gestures renewed for me the intent of the holiday part, even if the 'holiday' is a sort of made up thing. 

The notion of combining all of this with desserts from Fannie’s Cafe helped our zenned our participants easily transition back to the rest of the day.

More than in any other class, this Sweetest Day practice highlighted for me how very different people’s bodies can be and how important it is to honor that uniqueness. Yoga can be experienced by any size, shape, and physical capacity although too many people see a yoga magazine cover and risk thinking it’s not for them. Our students were brave souls, new and experienced alike, to try something so new, but all got a fun shared experience!

I’m blessed to have shared this experience with you,
Merril Miller