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Becky Mocarski (she/her) found yoga during her first pregnancy.  What started as a 'this should help me feel good' practice turned into a passion and love of yoga.  She signed up  for teacher training just after her son was born.  She now has three sons and has been teaching for over 10 years!  She was a competitive gymnast for years and was used to simply ignoring the aches and pains of her body. It was in that first yoga class that she felt the power of listening and asking your body how it feels.

Becky is a self described 'conversational' teacher. She is open to questions during a pose because it means you are paying attention to your body and looking for the sensations. She loves a strong flow class just as much as a Restorative class. She uses inclusive and invitational language to allow any student at any phase of their practice to feel welcome in her classes. She uses humor and her additional trainings in Yin, Pre/Post Natal, and Trauma informed Yoga to create a well sequenced class with ample time for Savasana at the end....after all, its what we all show up for right?!

Students can expect just as many invitations to use props to support themselves as they can to challenge their physical and mental practices. Becky believes in the power of stillness at the end of a practice and usually includes a guided meditation or deep breathing and a well placed poem or quote at the end.  Becky loves to sing and can also be heard chanting or singing the chorus of a calming song during Savasana.

Becky is a clothing designer that designs yoga friendly clothes with crochet details on it. Becky loves to laugh and the company of others. Her current favorite asanas are Triangle, Headstand, and Supported Savasana. She takes Savasana with a minimum of two blankets because there's nothing better than support and snuggles as you lay in rest!

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